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Automobile collisions and other accidents that impact the head, face or mouth can often cause significant damage to gums and teeth as well as other soft oral tissues. In many of these scenarios emergency treatment calls for removing any badly damaged teeth while treating more serious injuries.

After you have recovered from your wound, you might want to consider setting up an appointment with a prosthodontist like Dr. Nicholas Kondon to explore your dental restoration options. After examining the void in your mouth he can help you understand your options for restoring the basic function of your missing teeth.

In many of these cases a partial denture is the preferred option for a patient who has lost multiple teeth in one area. It is essentially a miniature version of a complete denture. The removable dental appliance will be carefully constructed to closely mimic the appearance of your missing teeth while comfortably relating to the natural contours of your dentition.

The partial denture will need to be thoroughly rinsed and lightly brushed every night to clear away plaque as well as any lingering food material. It should also be soaked in a denture solution before storing it someplace safe.

It’s a good idea to apply extra focus when brushing and flossing the surrounding teeth in the area. Preventing problems with tooth decay and periodontal disease will go a long way toward maintaining a comfortable firm fit between your natural teeth and your partial denture.

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