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Having a dentist like Dr. Nicholas Kondon administer a dental checkup twice each year is essential for preserving the health of your teeth. Not only will this simple appointment clean away bacterial deposits but it will also serve to monitor your mouth for any early signs of tooth decay, gum disease, or other oral health problems.

Sometimes, a minor change in the alignment of your teeth can gradually cause excessive wear between two or more surfaces of tooth enamel. As time goes on, the gradual yet unnatural grinding force can start to wear down a localized area of a tooth’s enamel layer.

If this condition of dental attrition progresses, you will likely notice a gradual change in the tooth’s texture. This might also be associated with worsening tooth sensitivity.

With early detection, Dr. Nicholas Kondon might be able to address the issue with minor dental contouring treatment. This involves him making minor adjustments to the tooth enamel on the biting surface of the offending tooth.

This outpatient treatment is designed to reduce the physical impact between the two teeth to limit further wear. If the compromised area of tooth enamel needs additional treatment, our prosthodontist might also suggest applying a dental filling or perform a dental crown restoration.

If you are in the Concord, Massachusetts, area, and if you suspect that an area of dental attrition has developed on one of your teeth, you should call 978.369.9090 to have it examined and treated at Nicholas P. Kondon, DMD.