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Your temporomandibular joints (TMJs) are joints in your jaw which help you speak and chew food. They are supported by cartilage and a shock-absorbing disk. If these are injured or worn out over time, you may find yourself with a TMJ disorder (TMD), with pain in the jaw area, around the ears, and an uncomfortable clicking noise when you open and close your mouth. If you have TMD, here are some important facts to know:

– Meditation methods such as yoga, calming music, visualizations and biofeedback may help alleviate your jaw pain.
– Your TMJ disorder may be a byproduct of another underlying disorder called bruxism, where in you unconsciously grind and clench your teeth while sleeping, placing undue pressure on the jaw.
– If your jaw or ear aches, try alleviating the pain with a cold compress.
– Many habits can lead to additional wear and tear of the jaw as well as damage to your TMJs. This includes nail-biting, chewing gum, or eating rough and chewy foods like steak.

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