Our Special Dentist

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Did you know, there are more than one specialties within dentistry? Well, it’s true! There are many kinds of specialists in dentistry, and our very own Dr. Nicholas Kondon is a trained prosthodontist. Are you unsure of what that means exactly? If so, that’s ok! Our team is happy to help you understand the benefits of having a trained prosthodontist to care for your smile, and what they do.

To be a trained prosthodontist, you must receive years of extra training beyond dental school. Prosthodontists are basically experts in restorations and teeth replacements. They focus on making smiles look good, function healthy and can provide top-notch care and service for complex dental or cosmetic issues. There are many differant dental treatments available, and with Dr. Kondon, you can finally have the healthy and beautiful smile you deserve and feel confident about.

Our friendly staff here at Nicholas P. Kondon, DMD is happy to address any questions or concerns you have pertaining to your oral care. Thanks to our professional staff, you can feel safe and confident coming in for your next dental appointment knowing you are in in a specialist’s hands receiving the top-quality care you deserve! So, don’t delay and call us at 978.369.9090 to set up an appointment. This holiday season, why not give yourself a smile you can truly love this season?